Slimme zoek portal om alle data centraal te kunnen zoeken en vinden.

De Provincie Zuid-Holland heeft ons gevraagd om een portal te creëren om daarin te kunnen zoeken op alle opgeslagen data vanuit allerhande verschillende soorten bronnen. Door nauw samen te werken met ons BI team en de klant zelf hebben we iets fantastisch gecreëerd!

Duration: 6 months
Release: 01/08/2019

5 devoted team members
4 nominations

CMS Concrete 5.8
Coded with PHP


An accessible platform for everyone - both internal workers and public - to find data, upload their own data, rank it, get connected and share their knowledge. Some of the key features required was a smart search, flexibility in data formats, and simple, intuitive design, so everyone can easily navigate and find the necessary information.

Our approach

This extensive project had lots of turns in decisions during the development and design process. Thus we worked in design sprints and development sprints. The project was also split in phases - starting with the key features, and in next phases adding more and more features, that turned out necessary after the user group feedback sessions.


This project is based on Elastic Search and extensive work of data gathering by our Data Analysis team. As for the technologies - we used Vue JS front end library, and .net platform for the backend.


Now every employee of Province of South Holland can find their needed information in a split second. There is also an option to rate the data quality and to get in touch with the person who has uploaded the data. This helps to create a feeling that the whole province is working together for better information access. This project is a part of initiative from the government to share their data more with the public, therefore increasing transparency within the government.