Een groenere provincie door inzet van techniek.

Province of South Holland has a goal to subsidise more environment-friendly and sustainable projects. Every year there are dozens of projects and initiatives looking for subsidies - but how to choose?

Duration: 2 months
Release: 2019

1 product owner
Coded with PHP

2 UX designers
3 developers


There was already a large amount of criteria about how to rank a project according to the Province's sustainability goals. Yet, the comparison could not be made if there was no unified platform to submit the projects.The client approached us, as well as two other companies, to pitch for the best solution.

Our solution

We created several advanced table views with colour coding and columns that can be expanded and collapsed. There you can see the data from different viewpoints by adjusting the criteria “weight”. Thus also avoiding biased outcomes. 


We also created a tool to add new projects according to the given criteria. Later a higher-standing person with different rights can rewrite the project. That includes giving different ratings and adding comments to the made changes. Another step that was needed to avoid the biases.


We won the pitch. And we created yet another user-friendly product to make our clients' workflows simpler and faster. And we learned that even spreadsheets and tables can look attractive, if you try hard enough.