Backend An agile development team for makes software that lets you strengthen your marketing, sales and customer service through their conversational commerce software suite. What we were asked to deliver Help in accelerating development capacity is growing at lightning speed. As the availability of development capacity in the Netherlands is running out, […]


Deltares golf machine

Search Search millions of documents stored in many different sources? Deltares is a large, international technology institute in the fields of water, subsurface and infrastructure. Deltares has various sources with millions of documents, and every day hundreds more are added. Aproch Rapid search To start with, we sat down with Deltares to make the biggest, […]


Tablet met Motivaction website

Website One of the biggest market research agencies in the Netherlands approached us to design and make the tool for small-scale market research they had developed in-house more user friendly. Strategie New Frontend with the existing backend Thanks to the many possibilities offered by this tool, users no longer knew how to use the tool, […]

Royal military police

Koninklijke Marechaussee agenten

Search The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee monitors the security of the State. In the Netherlands and far beyond. The Dutch national gendarmerie force Koninklijke Marechaussee (Royal Netherlands Marechaussee) plays a role in places of strategic global importance. From the Dutch royal palaces to the outer borders of Europe. From airports in the Netherlands to war-torn and […]

Reformatorisch Dagblad

RD Website op een tablet

Website Starting out as a publisher of Christian newspapers and magazines, Erdee Media Groep is now a multimedia publishing concern that reaches its audience through multiple channels. Having started the development of a new digital platform for the Reformatorisch Dagblad, which celebrated its 50th year in 2021, Erdee Media Groep was looking for an external […]

AWE inspired

Awe Inspired Goddess necklace

Website Awe Inspired is an American jewelry brand for inspiring women. The Goddess Quiz helps women discover their inner and outer goddesses and select the jewelry that suits them best. Using the Goddess Quiz, the visitor is able to select the perfect piece of jewelry. The existing technology wasn’t able to keep up with Awe […]



Backend Where is the World Heritage List stored? UNESCO was looking for a system that would allow them to consolidate master data and make it easy to make this data available to their own websites and applications in a smart, fast and consistent way. Approach One central place: Strapi Smartshore Ability and UNESCO chose Strapi […]

Province of South Holland Smartshipping

Huge container ship from above

Backend The Province of South Holland has an enormous amount of data. To find and use this data, a smart portal with a powerful search function was needed. We got to work together with our BI team. PZH wanted an accessible platform for everyone – both internal employees and the public. On the platform you […]

Province of South Holland Data Desk

Dataloket op tablet

Backend The Province of Zuid-Holland deals with enormous quantities of data. Finding and using this data required a smart portal with a powerful search capability. We got to work, together with our BI team. PZH wanted a platform accessible to everyone – both for internal employees and the general public. On the platform you can […]


Backend Automated Fleet Management KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF CARS The management of a huge fleet of lease cars is a hell of a job. A record needs to be kept foreach vehicle of who is using it, where the costs have to be booked, what the terms and conditions of the contract […]