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An agile development team for makes software that lets you strengthen your marketing, sales and customer service through their conversational commerce software suite.

What we were asked to deliver

Help in accelerating development capacity is growing at lightning speed. As the availability of development capacity in the Netherlands is running out, CM has asked Smartshore to set up a dedicated remote development team. This allows CM to benefit from India’s huge capacity advantage, while still collaborating with a Dutch party.

What we supplied

An agile .NET software development team

We have provided a dedicated international C# .NET team from our offices in Ludhiana and Panjim in India with a scrum master and a Tech Lead from our Utrecht office. experiences the benefits of our agile software develeopment team on a daily basis:

  • Faster delivery of working software: Agile teams work in short iterations, meaning customers see faster progress and receive working software.
  • Increased collaboration and communication: Agile methodologies emphasise regular meetings and collaboration between team members, which can lead to better communication and a more efficient development process.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Agile teams can adapt to changing requirements and priorities, which can be especially valuable in fast-paced or rapidly changing industries.
  • Higher-quality software: Agile methodologies include built-in quality assurance processes, which can lead to higher-quality software that meets customer needs.
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Carl - Developer - Smartshore


Lead Developer
Ginish - developer - Smartshore


Hans - Scrum Master - Smartshore
Hans - Scrum Master - Smartshore


Project Manager
Manjinder - developer - Smartshore


Murlidhar - developer - Smartshore
Murlidhar - developer - Smartshore