Market research application for target audience advice and analysis

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One of the biggest market research agencies in the Netherlands approached us to design and make the tool for small-scale market research they had developed in-house more user friendly.


New Frontend with the existing backend

Thanks to the many possibilities offered by this tool, users no longer knew how to use the tool, making a well-thought-out UX design essential. Retention of the existing backend in C# developed by Motivaction itself was also a major requirement.


Connection with the backend

To come up with a good solution, we started with a number of sessions aimed at completely understanding and dissecting the tool. This revealed its most important functions, then on the basis of these we built up the tool in wireframes.

The most important solutions are the predefined analyses which guide the user through the most frequently asked questions, such as: “How do I position my brand?” and “Who is my current brand target group?”.

Introduction of the ‘dark mode’ gives users insight into where they are in the process – they will only find themselves in this mode if they are changing something. Navigatie of the tool was also completely changed to allow users to retain an overview.

On top of the existing backend, we built an API with all functionalities, so that our separate front-end was able to be linked to the backend.


User-friendly application with a hybrid frontend

The tool for carrying out market research was not only given a more coherent design, but above all also a better user experience. Experience with marketing is still required, but now a manual to use the tool itself is not. The tool works seamlessly with the backend.
  • Develop customer journeys and create wireframes
  • UX and visual design
  • API op C# backend for everything from user login to downloading Powerpoint presentations
  • VueJS frontend
  • Frontend connection with API
We worked on this case
Mitchell - Developer - Smartshore
Mitchell - Developer - Smartshore


Bart - Lead Software Architect - Smartshore
Bart - Lead Software Architect - Smartshore


Lead software architect
Ginish - developer - Smartshore


Julia - Developer - Ability
Julia - Developer - Ability


Promita - developer - Smartshore