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Koninklijke Marechaussee agenten


The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee monitors the security of the State. In the Netherlands and far beyond.

The Dutch national gendarmerie force Koninklijke Marechaussee (Royal Netherlands Marechaussee) plays a role in places of strategic global importance. From the Dutch royal palaces to the outer borders of Europe. From airports in the Netherlands to war-torn and crisis-hit areas all over the world.

What if, in one of these places, you need to look up immediately what procedure you should implement at that exact moment in time?


Lightning fast search

The Koninklijke Marechaussee uses an internal application containing everything you need to know if you work for the Koninklijke Marechaussee. But how to access this? All the Koninklijke Marechaussee’s data is extremely highly structured. This makes it very easy to process content into a smart index for
searching. We delivered a push API with which new documents or documents that have been updated can very quickly be added, updated or deleted.

On the basis of this structured content, we have drawn up designs for the user interface, the pages where it is possible to search and find, taking into account the style of the application and the Koninklijke
Marechaussee’s house style.

Following this, all documents were pushed to our Push API and all content was written to an Elasticsearch index. We then developed the required underlying APIs so that smart, targeted questions can be asked from the search front end of the application (in JSON), and the answers to these shown(again in JSON). The results can then be presented in the application on the basis of these.


Search solution based on Elasticsearch: Confind

Confind is a smart search engine where the internal application can very specifically and quickly search and find the most relevant content.
  • Hosting by Royal Netherlands Marechaussee;
  • Management by Smartshore & Ability;
  • Admin Module for functional management;
  • Kibana for consumption insights;
  • APIs for search, suggestions and indexations, etc..
We worked on this case
Promita - developer - Smartshore


Julia - Developer - Ability
Julia - Developer - Ability


Remko - Commercieel Manager - Smartshore
Remko - Commercieel Manager - Smartshore


Commercieel Manager
Lennard - Creative Director - Ability
Lennard - Creative Director - Ability


Creatief Directeur
Priya - Developer - Smartshore


Bart - Lead Software Architect - Smartshore
Bart - Lead Software Architect - Smartshore


Lead software architect