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Smart personal quiz to increase sales.

Awe Inspired Goddess necklace


Awe Inspired is an American jewelry brand for inspiring women.

The Goddess Quiz helps women discover their inner and outer goddesses and select the jewelry that suits them best. Using the Goddess Quiz, the visitor is able to select the perfect piece of jewelry.

The existing technology wasn’t able to keep up with Awe Inspired’s success. So Strapi asked Smartshore Ability to redevelop the design and the technology.


Keep on the same course, but better!

We started with a number of sessions with Awe Inspired to get their roadmap clear and set out milestones. Together, we drew up a backlog and schedule on the basis of our estimates and the business value to Awe Inspired.

Using the Scrum approach, we then created a quiz which chooses the best product for the customer on the basis of a perfect User Experience (UX) and an intelligent algorithm.


A Goddess Quiz that scores much better!

We continued to develop the Goddess Quiz, with new functionalities and new integrations to all kinds of external APIs, such as the Face Recognition API, Shopify API (for product information and images), Google Locations API and a Zodiac Signs API. The quiz is 100% mobile-friendly, as 90% of traffic comes from mobile telephones. The quiz is also integrated with the Awe Inspired Shopify website, analytics (Google Analytics & Google Data Studio) and marketing tools (Klaviyo). The quiz is easy to configure by the Awe Inspired team. The marketing team can now also configure a range of different quiz versions and carry out A/B tests independently of us, which means they are able to implement improvements quickly. The quiz’s conversion rate also increased by a factor of ten: from 0.2% to almost 2%! And we’re not stopping at just one quiz. There are now several quizzes on the roadmap for 2022!
  • Strapi setup and layout;
  • Design by Smartshore Ability;
  • Hosting and monitoring by Smartshore Ability;
  • Backend based on Strapi
  • Frontend based on Vue.js and Nuxt;
  • Links with various external APIs.
  • PeakLoad

    Awe Inspired’s visitor numbers are difficult to predict. The company operates worldwide, and social media mean that the site can go viral at unexpected moments. It is important that the system continues to work quickly at exactly these moments so the company can profit from these.

    Smartshore Ability implemented hosting on the basis of Docker and Kubernetes. This system automatically scales up capacity when this is needed, meaning that the system continues to operate quickly during unexpected peak loads.

    In addition, Smartshore Ability implemented a CI/CD pipeline which allows functional modifications to be implemented in a managed way, without downtime.

    We worked on this case
    Bart - Lead Software Architect - Smartshore
    Bart - Lead Software Architect - Smartshore


    Lead software architect
    Danique - UX Designer - Ability
    Danique - UX Designer - Ability


    UX designer
    Ernst Jan - Project Manager - Ability
    Ernst Jan - Project Manager - Ability

    Ernst Jan

    Project Manager
    Lennard - Creative Director - Ability
    Lennard - Creative Director - Ability


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