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Smartshore Ability makes software with the best people, in the right places. We will assemble an international, multidisciplinary and dedicated development team which contributes immediately to our customers’ aims.

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Whatever the solution we are working on, working with experienced teams means we are able to respond quickly and flexibly. Our team members know one another well and know what to expect. This too assures the high quality standards we maintain.

We put together our dedicated development team in line with the customer’s wishes. For example, a team may consist of a scrum-master and a software-architect in the Netherlands and back-end and front-end developers in India. This way of working keeps the lines short and makes for effective communication. Some of our customers have been working with a certain team for years, so the team members see one another practically as colleagues.


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Our beliefs.

We take these six beliefs with us in every step we take.

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Think outside the box, experiment and adapt. This enables us to help our customers to stay ahead of the game!

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No-nonsense and result-oriented. Working heart and soul to achieve the best result.

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What you see is what you get. We believe in being open, transparent, honest and friendly.

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Our cultural diversity teaches us new ways of looking. Open-minded and with respect.

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Helping each other, sharing knowledge and combining forces. Not for but with the customer.

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Observation and commitment show us the shortest way to the best result.

Our briefs.

We take these six beliefs with us
in every step we take.

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