The hyperloop is a vacuum train concept that is being developed by a joint team of entrepreneur Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX companies. It is a transport system that uses an almost vacuum tube through which people and goods are transported at very high speed in ‘pods’.

SpaceX has launched the Hyperloop Pod Competition to boost technological developments. For this, SpaceX has built a half-scale test track one mile long next to its California office. Student teams and companies will compete there in July for the fastest speed with their half-scale hyperloop pod. From the Netherlands, TU Delft is participating with a team of 35 students. Their pod should go 1200 km/h.

We applaud groundbreaking innovations and like to participate in the cutting edge of developments. That is why Smartshore Ability sponsors the Delft Hyperloop, for example by contributing its know-how in the field of communication and the Customer Journey surrounding this new form of transport.