Since its founding in October 2012, Smartshore has been all about talent and quality. At a time when many companies were opting for outsourcing and taking their work to ‘cheap’ countries, founder Jelke Schippers did just the opposite.

Instead of bringing work from the Netherlands to India, we went to India first. We looked for talent and built the first Smartshore development team with a local partner. Only then did we start looking for customers in the Netherlands.

Since then, Smartshore has had two offices in India and two in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, we not only have major customers in the Netherlands, but we now have customers worldwide.

On 15 October 2012, Smartshore BV celebrated its birthday – we are now 10 years old!

10 jaar Smartshore!

We will therefore take all our colleagues to Ludhiana, Punjab, India – to celebrate in a big way! More news will follow soon!