Strapi – headless CMS

Smartshore is an international Strapi implementation partner!

Smartshore is the biggest Strapi implementation partner in Europe and Asia.

We have extensive experience with complex Strapi – headless CMS – projects and we are also an official Strapi partner.

One of the major advantages of Strapi as a headless CMS is its flexibility. As a headless CMS, Strapi separates the backend content management from the frontend presentation, allowing more flexibility in how content is delivered to different devices and platforms. This means the same content can be used across multiple channels, such as a website, mobile app and smartwatch, without the need for additional development.

We help clients design, build, host and further develop web applications based on Strapi. We set up the backend and can also develop frontends for Strapi, for example based on Vue.js or React.js.

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Why we are happy with Strapi

  • Headless CMS
    Strapi is a headless CMS pure and simple. In a short time, you configure a CMS to which websites, applications and mobile apps can be connected.
  • API bootstrapping
    All you need to do to get a basic API working is to define your data model. This gives enormous flexibility to connect products to the CMS. 
  • User ready admin panel
    You get a fast and lightweight admin panel based on your data model, allowing you to easily manage content, settings and plugins.
  • Scalable
    Strapi is very easy to host on various infrastructures, including highly scalable solutions. For instance, we host Strapi based on Docker and Kubernetes.

How can we help you with Strapi?

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